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Cyber Security: Why Senior Leaders Need to Take Charge in 2024

Only 21% of organisations are very confident in their organisation’s current approach to cyber security, according to data gathered during a recent ICAS (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland) webinar co-hosted by Lugo and Mitigo during CyberScotland Week 2024. The webinar (which you can view here: which attracted around 100 attendees, also revealed that…

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7 tips to stay secure when working from home

  Learn how to make your working environment secure against cyber-attacks Ever since the first UK lockdown 2 years ago, many of us have become acclimatised to the work from home lifestyle. Many companies have adapted their business to incorporate more flexibility when it comes to how employees.   Whether they work entirely from home, exclusively in the office or utilise a hybrid structure, more people are making…

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Top 5 tips to make you more Cyber Secure

It can be hard to keep cyber security a constant priority throughout your everyday working life.  Accountants are especially busy during when approaching the personal tax submission deadline at the end of January and finding some time away from clients can be incredibly difficult.   However, just because you are busy does not mean the cyber threats looming over your firm get any less dangerous.    …

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6 Steps to Boost your IT Strategy for Accountants

Many longer-term plans for your IT have been fast-tracked over the past 16 months. As more organisations start to return to the office, business owners face many decisions about their IT strategy moving forward. Typically, many accountancy firm’s technology choices have been driven by the products they’ve chosen over the years, perhaps by the relationship…

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Taking on Technology Training

ICAS and Lugo both conducted independent research projects last year on the risks and opportunities presented by technology for the Accountancy profession. In this article, we look at technology training, sharing insights from both studies. The two most common concerns highlighted in the ICAS study were: Cyber-attack, especially in the light of the increasing use…

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