We provide broadband services to our clients using the large portfolio of fibre products from some of the UK’s leading providers of Business Broadband solutions.

We are also delighted to be partners of City Fibre, an independent organisation responsible for rolling out ultra-fast fibre broadband to cities and towns throughout the UK. You will find Lugo on the partner page.

There are a variety of fibre broadband solutions available from Lugo based on your geographical location:

FTTC, most commonly used service up to 80Mpbs downstream and 20Mbps upstream.

FTTCG.Fast up to 330Mbps downstream and 50Mbps upstream

FTTP up to 1Gbps downstream and 220Mbps upstream

Lugo can provision all of these solutions and manage the whole process from ordering to commissioning on your behalf and integrating with your existing network.

SoGEA. As BT are decommissioning analogue lines, this service is different in that you do not need to order a separate analogue line and pay additional rental. This service is provided by Lugo and is a single order service giving same performance as an FTTC connection. This service works out cheaper than traditional FTTC as there is no longer any line rental.

Whatever your broadband requirements, we can provide expert advice and provision your new service whilst adding security at the perimeter of your network.