Lugo provides a co-managed helpdesk for organisations that have their own internal IT staff but need the back up of a team of experts to call upon.

We form a true partnership with your In-house IT resource working hand in hand to achieve common goals across your IT estate generally under a long term agreement. Lugo offers additional expertise and resources, and with our agility and ability to respond quickly, we aim to provide you with an invaluable addition to your IT department.

Typically our co-managed helpdesk provides our clients not only with a helpdesk function but also network monitoring, security services and supporting applications such as Microsoft 365.

Lugo’s agreement with our co-managed clients can also include loaned staff, training for your staff, strategic advice and project planning, hardware and software provision, in fact pretty much everything we have in our solutions and services stack.

One of the reasons this service is popular as it leaves your Internal IT resource to concentrate on the running of your critical business applications safe in the knowledge that the infrastructure and security is being looked after by us.

Co-managed services are becoming increasingly popular as a flexible and cost effective way of bridging the knowledge gap without the need to hire in additional staff.

It has been a fact that the ongoing skills shortage in the IT sector has been a factor in the growing popularity of a co-managed helpdesk. Two of the biggest factors though are the ever Increasing complexity of technology and cost considerations.

Lugo’s ability to manage a clients security and multiple technology stacks is a strong reason to consider a co-managed environment.

Lugo should be seen as an ally to your Internal IT team whose role is to support and work alongside your team. Providing a valuable external team of experts working in harmony with the Internal team is how a partnership flourishes and becomes successful.

Lugo want to see their clients and their Internal IT look good through this partnership.