Whether you are looking to replace your end user desktops, servers and networking equipment or move from premises based equipment to the cloud, Lugo can help.

You may be looking for an upgrade to your existing IT network, again Lugo can provide the advise required and deliver an upgrade

We are experts at providing these services offering you a single source for procurement of hardware, software and the expertise for delivering your network refresh and upgrade projects on time, expertly configured, and within budget.

We will provide best of breed hardware and software from suppliers such as Microsoft where we are Gold Partners, servers, laptops and desktops from Dell as an Authorised Partner, and SonicWall as SecureConnect partners.

Lugo’s change management process will consider any potential issues with existing applications or equipment that will be kept after the change and how the upgrade will interact with these.

As your trusted ICT partner Lugo will demonstrate and consider the following:

  • The ability to clearly document our customer’s needs and pain points
  • The ability to accurately represent your existing environment including:
  • All hardware including servers, desktops, laptops, smartphones, routers, switches, firewalls and any other network-connected devices or appliances
  • All software and line of business application and all services
  • All network connections including VPNs and other means of remote access
  • Identify affected workflows and processes
  • The ability to create a high-level project plan to address the required work scope

We perform all hardware and software changes with the same vigilance whether it is a single device or a multiple device change.

By continuing to work to our proven techniques we ensure that our clients can enjoy the benefits an upgrade or replacement will bring. These techniques also ensure nothing is ‘broken’ by the change, and that any downtime, if any at all, is kept to an absolute minimum.