Both applications within the Microsoft 365 platform, these form the Microsoft 365 collaboration environment.

Microsoft Teams has become an essential part of many business operations particularly since Spring 2020 when the Covid pandemic was declared.

The most widely used collaboration technology on the planet, Teams has been designed to bring together every aspect of collaboration including document sharing, voice and video meetings, screen sharing for presentations, instant messaging, email, calendars, projects and a lot more.

Microsoft SharePoint has been around for a long time, it used to be known as a good platform for hosting an Intranet and consolidating documents. The product has evolved however to become an advanced document sharing centre, with shared work space that can replicate your on premise fileserver and in fact now become a very viable and secure replacement for you server.

The end user is presented with a shared file structure similar to what they are used to seeing from their traditional on premises file server.

Microsoft Teams and SharePoint work very well together, particularly when utilising the benefits of the SharePoint document management systems with the user friendly Teams front end, and collaboration tools.

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