Lugo has a high availability ICT helpdesk and our helpdesk engineer to client end user ratio is one of the best In the Industry.

Lugo’s helpdesk is available to help you with any ICT related issue or enquiry and to professionally service your IT Support Contract.

Our helpdesk is manned by an experienced engineer from 08:00 – 18:00 with at least eight IT Support engineers available on the helpdesk at any given time providing first line support during normal office hours 09:00 – 17:00.

Bank holiday enquiries?: no problem our helpdesk Is at your service 5 days a week, all year round apart from 2 days at Christmas and 2 at New Year.

Due to the level of expertise the engineers have at Lugo, and the large number of help desk staff available, incidents and enquiries are logged and dealt with quickly.

Second level support when required is provided by our IT Director, and our Senior Technical Analysts, all highly experienced IT Support professionals and Project Managers. These senior staff will provide backup and additional expertise where required.

Our help desk is managed to ITIL standards with our helpdesk supervisor being a certified practitioner.

Each contracted client Is given an SLA that Is Input In to our ticketing and CRM system. Should any tickets that are raised be seen as approaching a breach of the SLA then the helpdesk supervisor Is alerted by email and action can be taken before the threatened breach becomes an Issue.

Each day there Is a 15 minute Teams ‘huddle’ where helpdesk staff get together to discuss any Issues that may be problematic and talk about planned works. This has been a success In many ways and helps to keep the support team bonded and focused.

Daily stats from the previous days helpdesk are also shared and discussed during the daily meeting.

We have found that this works very well for staff morale as well particularly during the pandemic.

We are rightly proud of the way we have setup our helpdesk for our clients. Our average customer satisfaction figure Is 98.2%.  Clients can tick a box about the experience they had relating to tickets they have raised.

This Is constantly monitored to see where we can improve. Any ‘negative’ feedback is always followed up, something that goes down well with our clients.

This Is how we manage our helpdesk through the use of strong SLA’s, highly skilled, qualified and motivated staff, regular daily reviews and reporting from our Industry leading Ticketing and CRM system.