Lugo provides comprehensive statistics from our Managed IT Services clients ICT networks using our network monitoring application, and from our ticketing/CRM system.

Managed IT Services clients expect more than just a reactive fix when something goes wrong. They have come to expect their provider to monitor their networks 24/7 and provide reporting back on such areas as patch management, security software updates, backup success/failure and more.

Lugo provides their clients with network monitoring reports showing that their network is being pro-actively monitored and maintained constantly. In fact, most of the monitoring does trigger a reporting event when pre-set criteria is breached, this report being in the form of an email or automated ticketing system response.

On top pf the proactive monitoring and reporting we also provide on demand reporting to audit the hardware status of your network, collect information and report on the software release levels and licensing within your environment are just 2 examples.

Along with technical reporting it is also important to provide feedback on the performance of the Service Level Agreement itself.

Lugo provides their clients with information and statistics on their SLA by reporting on ticket response times and resolution times for example.

These reports are also very useful as they can pick up such things as repeat faults or repeat tickets that may suggest equipment is due for replacement or even that there is a training issue with our clients staff.

Providing professionally configured reporting is one of the mainstays of Lugo’s IT Managed Service, and is a great indicator to our clients of the work behind the scenes not often seen from your managed services provider.