Need a faster connection with a guaranteed Service Level Agreement?

Lugo supply leased lines giving you a fast and secure synchronous connection to the Internet.

With more companies now using the cloud to access their corporate data, it is essential that there is a fast and reliable Internet connection that will handle the throughput of traffic upstream as well as downstream.

A leased line will provide this. As it is a synchronous connection, the upstream and downstream speeds are the same. Your leased line connection is private, you have available to you the published speeds as there is no contention on these private lines.

A typical line speed would be 100Mbps upgradeable to 10Gbps.

Our leased line connections are supplied as fully managed, with a Cisco router supplied, that is used to managed the connection and that we attach to our secured and managed firewall.

With a leased line you also have access to a strong Service Level Agreement with guaranteed fix times, and compensation should these not be met.

Lugo are also delighted to say we have partnered with CityFibre providing fast Internet connectivity in cities and towns throughout the UK. Contact us for more information on this exciting new partnership.