Lugo has one of the most comprehensive security stacks available as a Managed ICT Services Provider.

We take our clients network, data and user security very seriously, and we are delivering high performance cyber security protection on a daily basis, throughout our client base.

We use Cloud Security Services to monitor activity on our clients networks, their endpoints and their cloud based systems.

Lugo’s M365 Secure Support clients benefit from our cyber attack prevention experience as we provide them with a proven security solution protecting users as they go about their daily routines on premises and in the cloud.

What’s included with Lugo’s Cloud Security Service?

You will receive comprehensive protection from Internet based threats where they will be eliminated at source.

Your network and cloud resources will be monitored checking for changes to firewall rules, ports and policies for example.

User privileges will be reviewed within your Active Directory and Microsoft 365 environment allowing Lugo to alert you of any suspicious changes. This can be useful detecting accounts with administration privileges that you may not be aware of.

Your network infrastructure will be reviewed across your entire estate looking for changes to attached devices.

Lugo can run full security assessments of your entire ICT estate helping to keep you compliant and prepared for legislative changes.

Lugo’s Cloud Security Service does not wait until after attacks launch, malware installs, or infected systems call-back to learn how to defend against attacks. By analysing a cross-section of the world’s internet activity, it continuously observes new relationships forming between domain names, IP addresses, and autonomous system numbers (ASNs).

This visibility enables it to discover, and often predict, where attacks are staged and will emerge before they even launch.

We have an article on our Cloud Security Service than can be accessed here The Future of Network Security is in the Cloud