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Our aim with these articles is to help everyone become more aware about the cyber security threats that affect accountancy firms and educate firms on how they can protect themselves from these threats.

7 tips to help you stay secure when working from home

7 tips to stay secure when working from home

  Learn how to make your working environment secure against cyber-attacks Ever since the first UK lockdown 2 years ago, many of us have become acclimatised to the work from home lifestyle. Many companies have adapted their business to incorporate more flexibility when it comes to how employees.   Whether they work entirely from home, exclusively in the office or utilise a hybrid structure, more people are making…

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Top 5 tips to make you more Cyber Secure

It can be hard to keep cyber security a constant priority throughout your everyday working life.  Accountants are especially busy during when approaching the personal tax submission deadline at the end of January and finding some time away from clients can be incredibly difficult.   However, just because you are busy does not mean the cyber threats looming over your firm get any less dangerous.    …

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Log4j Global threat image

What Is Log4j and what can we do about it?

The Log4j vulnerability The “Log4j Vulnerability” has become a widespread concern practically overnight, raising questions and fears for anyone that owns a computer.  Global uncertainty about the vulnerability has sent business owners into a panic and has experts in the field scrambling for answers.   Let us take some time to look at what we know about the vulnerability, what…

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Why should I read these?


Cyber Security can often seem daunting to those who don’t know much about it. We hope to combat this assumption by providing you with easy to read and informative articles. By  taking the time to gain an understanding of the cyber security risks affecting your industry, you are actively taking steps towards protecting your clients, employees and your business.

Many company heads think that they can disregard cyber security or consider it an after thought, an extra they can pursue when things are less busy. However, neglecting cyber security can cost accountancy firms tens of thousands of pounds as a result of cyber attacks, data breaches or the mismanagement of critical information.

Reading these articles will help you understand why it’s so important to take cyber security seriously and arm you with the knowledge you need to take action in protecting your firm against these threats.


Who are these articles written for?


These articles are written for anyone who works at an accountancy firm in any capacity.

Whether you are a client manager who wants some knowledge to pass on to your client, a seasoned accountant who would like to learn more about the risks affecting your business or a new start at a firm who wants to build start understanding cyber threats – These cyber security articles are here to help you.

Everyone is responsible for maintaining a good level of cyber security. Anyone who has to client information or the firm’s network must be educated on cyber security to help protect the integrity of that information. The majority of firms operating in the UK are failing to train their staff about Cyber Security. We hope that this resource will help provide some useful advice that you can use in your everyday working life to improve the level of cyber security at your firm.

All of our articles are written in with as little technical technical jargon as possible and are tailored to help accountancy firms throughout Scotland.


What are these articles about?


These articles cover a range of topics like learning how to make your WFH (Work from home) environment secure against cyber attacks, the most effective measure firms can take to make themselves more secure against attacks and highlighting the biggest cyber threats to Scottish accountancy firms.


If you have any suggestions for topics you would like us to write about in future articles, please email us at cyber@lugoit.co.uk


What is the best way I can protect my accountancy firm from cyber threats?


Cyber Essentials is the most effective defence against the most common cyber attacks. This is a government programme that helps businesses in the UK prove they have the best protections in place to defend against attacks. By pursuing these cyber threats, you will be able to implement cyber solutions to keep your company protected.

Once you pass the certification, your company is now publicly certified with Cyber Essentials. This will make your accountancy firm more secure when compared other firms that don’t have the cyber essentials certification.

To learn more about Cyber Essentials please click here

If you are an accountancy firm based in Scotland, Lugo is offering Free Cyber Essentials support visit out support page here.

If you are interested please in getting cyber support for your firm, click here.

We’ll help you sort your cyber security…

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