Cloud based security for your staffs’ smartphones, tablets and laptops. Included in Lugo’s recommended Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscription or as a bolt on to lesser subscriptions.

Lugo enables this product on our clients sites providing a plethora of security, deployment and management services for your endpoints and mobile devices. This provides them with an additional enterprise class layer of security, and control, over the usage of business endpoints.

Lugo’s clients benefit from our expertise in the use of Microsoft InTune by providing them with a solution that protects their business endpoints from many threats and risks.

Microsoft InTune, a cloud based mobile device management (MDM) service that lets you control features and settings on all of your Android, Apple (macOS/IOS) and Windows 10 devices. Protect from theft by remote wiping, wipe company data from devices, manage updates and application downloads. InTune also helps our clients use their devices and applications while configuring settings to help maintain compliance.

Once devices are enrolled administrators can roll out company rules and settings, provide inventory of devices, push out certificates to enable Wi-Fi and VPN access, report on devices checking for compliance and remove company data if lost, stolen or no longer in use.

Administrators can manage your applications across enrolled devices by assigning applications to groups, configure them to run with certain conditions, report on apps and track usage and selectively wipe non authorised apps.

Lugo can also setup further security such as integration with Azure Active Directory identity to isolate organisation and personal data when logging in, restricting cut and paste and other potentially insecure device user settings.

Lugo recommend activating InTune as a valuable addition to your security stack, we advise this as a matter of course for all our clients.