Steven McGuire

Business Development Consultant

“Building relationships and secure IT systems for Housing Associations across Scotland”

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I began my career as an Electronics Design Engineer for a mainframe computer manufacturer helping to design and test circuit boards. This gave me a good foundation for moving on to Computer Support just as personal computers were starting to emerge.

After my time as an electronics engineer I moved on to Computer System Support with GEC and Optim group, in the early days, working on mainframe systems from IBM and Honeywell. I experienced first hand during this time the introduction of the first IBM PCs in to the marketplace.

I moved to Montal in 1989. This was a game changer for me, as it was during my period with Montal in the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s, that I became involved with Housing Associations. In fact, I installed and setup the first multi-user computer systems at some well known Housing Associations, including Partick HA, Shettleston HA, Yorkhill HA, Queens Cross HA and more.

I started up my own business, ITFA, in 2004, mainly to provide IT Services and Consultancy for Housing Associations. I merged my business to form Brightridge in 2017 bringing IT services to the formed business. I am proud to say that I still have many friends and acquaintances in this sector from over 30 years ago.

I decided to move on from the merged business in 2020 and was given the opportunity to join Lugo shortly thereafter. I gladly accepted this position having listened to how good a working culture they have instilled in the business from an existing employee. Theirs is an open, friendly and supportive non-blame culture that promotes staff wellbeing and happiness at work.

I have a reputation for having a pleasant, professional and outgoing personality that comes across in my day to day dealings with my clients, and a vast knowledge of the sector.

Living in Polmont, I work between our Glasgow and Edinburgh offices, as I’m perfectly placed midway on the main train line.

“I am looking forward to helping Lugo grow and develop the Housing Association part of their business using my vast knowledge and awareness of the challenges that face the sector.”

I’m married with three grown up children and spend lots of time with my wife Rhona. We enjoy walking in our fabulous countryside and hills, we have spent many enjoyable days out on the hills together. We are also season ticket holders at our local football club Falkirk FC and both enjoy going along every second Saturday to cheer on the Bairns with other family and friends. I’ve also been playing golf for 30 odd years, still trying to master it!


Cisco CCNA, HND Digital Electronics

Over 30 years experience of providing IT Support, Consultancy, Training and Tender Services to Housing Associations, Charities and SME’s in Scotland.