Nick Pye

Operations Director

“Passionate about success through strategy, innovation, creativity and workplace culture”

Nick Pye


I’m a business leader with over 25 years of experience, having held a variety of executive positions helping to grow technology businesses.

Prior to joining Lugo in 2022, I founded Youmanage HR Ltd, a market leading and unique software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, designed to wholly focus on providing HR support for both people managers and HR professionals alike. The business was subsequently sold to Marlowe plc to provide their clients with business-critical regulatory software to securely manage employee data, enforce policies and procedures, and control compliance risks.

The purpose of my role at Lugo is to provide leadership vision and day-to-day management to ensure that we design, implement and maintain strong processes and safeguard standard work practices to provide industry best-in-class managed IT services.

To help optimise the company’s operational capabilities, I support a culture of trust, self-organisation and collective teamwork for everyone to be able to foster a collaborative approach to work. This encourages greater autonomy, better decision making, and where attention is given to providing technical excellence and delivering professional services.

Outside of work, I have a life-long appreciation for real ale, a keen interest in cars and DIY, and continue to improve my skills in playing the great Highland bagpipes!


Over 25 years of experience in technology executive positions