Ernie Smith

Professional Services Engineer

“Here to help make technology work for you”


Since I was really young, I have had a strong desire to work in the computing industry. Technology has always been a topic of conversation while growing up. My parents work in IT, so it has probably influenced me more than I know…and yes, my mum is Liz!

The first experience that got me really interested in computing was when I was gifted a Raspberry Pi single-board computer for my 8th birthday and I was so excited to write my first lines of code. Ever since then, I have been creating programs and learning new programming languages.

I was really lucky to have such an inspiring IT teacher at school, and feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to have studied so many computing science courses both at school and at Inverness College UHI, all the way up to Advanced Higher. This teaching has helped me to understand the fundamentals and introduced me to many more concepts and languages that I hadn’t experienced before. I have put my knowledge to good use by building a wired network around my house using a switch, patch panel, cabling, and I installed points in every room, showing that I can apply the knowledge I learn in practical situations.

My employment experience includes working at a local supermarket, garden centre and mountain resort. I love speaking to people and helping them out, when I can. I was proud to receive my Saltire Award for many years of being a volunteer coach at the village school football team and local sports centre, and local golf club.

I have many interests outside of work. I love both playing and listening to music in my spare time.

As well as being part of the Professional Services team at Lugo, I am studying full-time for an honours degree in Computing at Abertay University. I hope to expand my computing knowledge, be inspired by where technology is going and open my eyes to the world of possibilities within the computing sector.


Microsoft Certified
MS-900: 365 Fundamentals
SC-900: Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals

University Courses Computer Networking, Computer Hardware Architecture and Operating Systems, Software Design, Programming with C++, and Development Practice.

Advanced Higher Computing Science.
Highers in Computing Science, Maths, English, Photography, Music and Music Technology.
National Progression Awards in Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security, Computer Networks, Hardware and Digital Forensics.

Had a passion for IT from an early age, and looking to build my experience at Lugo.