Michael Kleinman

Cyber Security Consultant

“I’ll help you sort your cyber security before it’s too late.”

Profile of Michael Kleinman


My technical journey started in high school, where I am proud to say I was one of Scotland’s first batch of pupils to graduate with an HNC in Computing. From there I studied for a BSc in Ethical Hacking at Abertay University. During this time, I threw myself into a wealth of opportunities to make sure I made the most of my time at university. Some of my favorites included working as an ethical hacking consultant with the Scottish Business Resilience Centre, creating my own cyber security course for children and working as a fraud investigator in Washington D.C.. At the end of 2020 I graduated with a 1st class honours degree and a desire to find the best use for my skills.

After university I joined Adarma as a Security Operations Center Analyst. During my time at the company, I learned more about the most effective cyber solutions available and how they keep companies safe. Following this I was lucky enough to work as a Project Developer for Tech Camp. I loved my role at the company as I was actively helping students towards the “light bulb moment” where they finally understand a problem and can solve it themselves. I also spent the summer of 2021 working as a camp manager in Winchester for 5 weeks. This was a real test of my leadership capabilities and provided me with a newfound confidence to effectively work with colleagues to achieve success.

After my time at Tech Camp, I was ready for a new challenge with Lugo. The Cyber Security Consultant role really suits my passion for helping people. I get the opportunity to work with accountancy firms across Scotland by helping them protect themselves and their clients with Cyber Essentials. Although I am fairly new to the company, I can see myself and Lugo being a perfect match. I bring Cyber Essentials support to firms across the country and make the certification process as smooth as possible.


Graduated with a Bachalor’s degree in Ethical Hacking from Abertay University. My academic education has provided me with the skills to view the cyber security landscape from an attacker’s point of view.

With this perspective and my technical background, I am perfectly suited to assist firms in protecting themselves and their clients.

My experience focuses on using my technical knowledge to find the best solutions and communicating them to customers. My technical skills include social engineering, open source intelligence gathering, digital forensics and penetration testing.

I also have a background and passion for education that helps me translate technical information into actionable information for clients.